Featured Wedding: Andrea & Greg

This month's feature is the magical Fall wedding of Andrea and Greg. From lovingly crafted handmade details, to a stunning ceremony arch built by the groom, this wedding had so much personality and love!

(via Style Me Pretty)

How did you two meet?
Greg and I met through mutual friends. I was in pharmacy school at the time, and some of my pharmacy school friends had a close friend named Joe that worked at BioMarin with Greg. Joe was moving down to San Diego and had a going away party. During that going away party, our groups of friends merged, and that’s when I first started talking to Greg. I had lost my phone that night, but Greg insisted on getting my phone number, and we began dating after.

Tell us about the proposal!
One day about three months after my sister Wendy had given birth to my niece, Abigail, my two older sisters and I all decided to go on vacation to Hawaii. My sisters and I love Hawaii, and we used the excuse “Abigail’s first trip to Hawaii” to plan a trip to Honolulu. In my head, this was a fun family vacation with my sisters, brothers-in-law, niece, and boyfriend. I had no idea what was going to happen!

One of the days there, Greg planned a day for just the two of us to go scuba diving and spend the day together. We planned to meet up with my family for dinner after our scuba adventure. Scuba diving was amazing! I am usually not too scared of adventures like that, but with coordinating how to breath and learning to use all the new gear, including huge flippers, I got a little nervous, but Greg was with me the whole time. After scuba diving, we had a little time before dinner, and Greg suggested we grab some spam musubis and hang out at the beach. He drove me to Makapu’u beach. The trek down to the beach was not the easiest, but the beach was beautiful and quiet. There were a few surfers in the water, but not too many on the beach. We were laying down eating when Greg said, “I got you something at the market last night.” I honestly did not think anything of it because he’s always doing sweet things like that. It was a little box wrapped up in cute wrapping paper. I was opening the box while laying down in the sand and Greg said, “sit up and open it – it might fall out!” Unsure as to why the panic, I curiously sat up and inside the box, the gift was covered with tissue paper. I slowly removed the tissue paper and uncovered a ring holder, and then I saw the ring! I was in shock. I could not believe it. I immediately started crying, and then Greg asked me to marry him. The more I thought about how special he made it, proposing in Hawaii with my family there, the more I cried. Of course I said yes, and I immediately called my mom and dad to tell them the good news, as well as asking them questions about when and how he asked permission, because I had no idea. We celebrated at dinner of course. It really was the perfect trip.

Why did you choose Park Winters?
Planning was fun and exciting, but it did not come without its stressful times. Once we toured Park Winters, we said we would think about it and look at more venues just to be sure, but we really didn’t because we kept thinking about how beautiful Park Winters was, and it turned out to be the perfect location for us.

What was your favorite wedding moment?
I think my favorite moment was right after the ceremony when Greg and I had time to talk to each other after saying I do. It was a special moment for us to just talk with one another, laugh, smile, take in the fact that we were actually married, and not be surrounded by everyone else. Oh, and the sparkler exit was pretty great, too.